1. Mission:

  • Popularization of trailrunning discipline in the Murmansk region
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • Involving in sports the masses of the population
  • Revealing the strongest sportsmen
  • Increasing the sportsmanship of the participants
  • Careful attitude to the environmen

2. Costs of organizing and holding the event

2.1 Preparation and organization of the trail is carried out by an individual entrepreneur Zaivy Maxim Vladimirovich

3. Contact persons and requisites:

Zayviy Maxim Vladimirovich - organizer
phone: +7-911-342-62-91

4. Date and place of the event:

March 19, 2022, Russia, Murmansk region, Kandalaksha, ground on the embankment of the river Niva near the hotel "Spolokhi"

5. Distances:

60 km, D+ 2500 m, control time 12 hours
42 km, D+ 1500 m, time limit 8 hours
30 km, D+ 1000 m, time limit 6 hours
10 km, D+ 300 m, time limit 3 hours

There are cutoff checks for the 42 km and 60 km distances.

In the case of deterioration of weather conditions or other factors that may directly or indirectly affect the safety of the participants while overcoming the courses, the organizers reserve the right to change the route while maintaining the length of the course.

6. Event Program:

March 18:
8:00 p.m. - extended briefing and issuance of starting packets for the 30, 42 and 60 km distances.

March 19:
Distances 30 km, 42 km and 60 km:
05:30 - 06:30 - registration of participants, distribution of starting packages.
06:30 - 06:45 Pre-start briefing
06:50 - 06:55 - registration of participants in the start area
07:00 - start

10 km distance:
10:00 - 11:30 - registration of participants, distribution of starting packages
11:30 - 11:45 - pre-start briefing
11:50 - 11:55 - registration of the participants in the start area
12:00 - start

General program:
16:00 - prize-giving ceremony
21:00 - Closing of the starting area and competition

7. Competitors:

7.1 Individuals from 18 to 75 years of age are allowed to participate in the trail. The age of the participant is determined by the date of the competition

7.2 Each participant, upon receipt of the starting package MUST present the following documents:

  • Civil passport (or other document with a photo, confirming the identity and age of the participant);
  • Original medical certificate with the stamp of the issuing institution, stamp and signature of the doctor, and MUST certify that the participant is admitted to the selected course or a longer course. The certificate must be dated no earlier than 6 months before the date of the competition
  • Insurance policy, valid on the date of the competition and including the risks associated with trail running and participation in the competition, as well as covering the costs of treatment of the participant in case of injury during the participation in the competition
7.3 A copy of the medical certificate is accepted ONLY on presentation of the original.

7.4 Medical documents will NOT be returned to participants..

7.5 Upon receipt of the starting package the participant MUST sign a statement, according to which he completely removes from the organizers of the trail responsibility for possible health damage, injury or death occurred during the participation in the competition.

7.6 In case if the participant for any reason could not provide at least one of the required documents - the starting package to the participant is not issued, the participant is not allowed to participate in the competition.

7.7 If the epidemiological situation related to the spread of the new coronovirus infection SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) worsens, the list of requirements for participants can be expanded in accordance with the regulatory documents in force at the time of the competition (the decision of the Murmansk Regional Government, the decision of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Murmansk Region, etc.).

8. Registration of participants:

  • The limit of participants for all distances is 400 people.
  • Electronic registration for the race is from 01.10.2021 to 14.03.2021 inclusive at the site:
  • Closing of the registration can be done earlier, if the maximum limit of participants will be reached
  • After closing the electronic registration and on the day of the competition, the registration of participants is not made
  • A participant is considered to be registered after completing the registration form and paying the entry fee

9. Transfer of registration, re-registration:

  • Transfer of registration to another participant is possible at the request of the registered participant transferring his registration. The application is written in a free form with the obligatory indication of data of the new participant (name, date of birth, postal address, contact phone number, e-mail) and is sent to the address:
  • All financial interactions, the transfers of the right to participate in the race, participants are at their own risk.
  • The re-registration of a participant from a shorter distance to a longer distance implies the payment of an additional fee equal to the difference in the cost of the slot for the selected distance.
  • The re-registration of a participant from a longer distance to a shorter distance does not imply a refund of the difference between the costs of the slots

10. Cost of registration fees:
11. Cancellation of participation and refund of entry fee.

11.1 For participants a refund of the starting fee is provided in the amount of:

  • - 80% of the cost of the starting fee - in case of refusal before 01.01.2022;
  • - 50% of the cost of the entry fee - in case of cancellation from 01.01.2022 to 01.02.2022.
  • Starting from 01.02.2022 the entry fee is not refundable. On request of a participant, a starting package can be provided.
11.2 To cancel the participation it is necessary to write a free-form letter to the e-mail address specified during registration

12. Compulsory and recommended equipment for competitors:

Compulsory equipment (+) must be with the participant from the start to the finish.
10 КМ
30 КМ
42 КМ
60 КМ
13. Help on the course:

Third-party assistance to competitors is allowed only at checkpoints or refreshment points

14. Drop-off:

For the participants of the 42 km and 60 km distances there is a drop-off at the base of life, located on the mountain Volostnaya.

15. Environmental protection:

It is strictly forbidden to throw away any garbage during the entire course (garbage can be thrown at the feeding points, life base or at the finish camp).

16. Disqualification of competitors:

The judging team reserves the right to disqualify a competitor if he violates the following competition rules:

  • The participant started the race before the official start or after the closing of the start corridor;
  • The participant did not check-in before entering the start corridor;
  • The participant did not start the race from the start corridor;
  • The participant shortened the course using a route not provided by the organizers;
  • The participant did not run the course for which they were not registered;
  • The participant did not keep within the time limit for overcoming the course;
  • The participant overcame the course under the number of another participant;
  • The participant used an improvised means of transportation (bicycle, scooter, car, sledge, snowmobile, etc.);
  • The participant overcame the course without an official competition number, or the number was hidden under his clothes.

The participant was not fixed by the competition judges at any of the control points of the course.
In case the participant does not meet the time limit for overcoming the course, gets lost or injured on the course and cannot continue the race, he MUST notify one of the organizers by phone.

17. Safety and first aid:

  • participants in the 30 km, 42 km and 60 km distances must have a fully charged phone (packed in a waterproof bag) with the organizers' contacts written down;
  • please note that the quality and availability of cellular service may vary on different sections of the course;
  • in cases where the competitor cannot reach the finish by him/herself or a refreshment point for evacuation, he/she should consider that some parts of the course are difficult to reach, in this case the arrival of the organisers and/or medical help might take a long time.
  • First aid will be available to competitors at refreshment points, life bases and at the start/finish camp. If you notice a competitor injured on the course, be sure to inform the volunteers on the route and the organizers at the finish

18. Summing up the results of the competition:

Awarding is held for the first three places in the men's and women's absolute scores on each of the distances. Prizes and gifts are provided by partners and sponsors of the competitions..

19. Protests and claims:

19.1 The competitor has the right to file a protest or claim, which are considered by the panel of judges, which includes: the chief judge of the competitions, the judge of the start and finish area and the chief secretary of the competitions.

Protests and complaints may include:

  • Protests and claims that affect the distribution of prizes
  • Protests and complaints concerning the inaccuracy of the time measured by a competitor over the course
  • Protests and claims which relate to the disqualification of a competitor.

19.2 Other protests and complaints may be disregarded by the committee due to their insignificance.

19.3 When filing a complaint, the following details must be given:

  • NAME AND SURNAME. (anonymous complaints will not be considered)
  • Substance of the complaint - Evidence of the error (photos, video

19.4 Other

  • Data from individual timekeepers will not be taken into consideration.
  • Claims are accepted only from competitors.
  • Objections and claims concerning the allocation of prizes in the overall classification are accepted by the Judging Panel in writing or verbally from the moment the winners and runners-up are determined until the official prize-giving ceremony.
  • Distribution of prizes after the official awarding ceremony is possible only if there are facts of the winner's violation of the current rules, and if the identification of violations was not possible before the official awarding ceremony.

20. Special conditions:

20.1 In case of deterioration of weather conditions or other factors that may directly or indirectly affect the safety of the participants while overcoming the courses, the organizers reserve the right to change the route while maintaining the length of the course.

20.2 The race organizers reserve the right to make changes or additions to these Regulations.

21. Sources of information:

Detailed information about the event is available on the event's official resources:

  • VKontakte group:
  • Facebook group:
  • instagram: @auroratrailrun
  • email:
22. Payment

Payment for the itinerary is only online on the website. To do this you need to choose an itinerary, go to the Registration section, and fill out the form to pay.
We accept the following payment cards: VISA Inc, MasterCard WorldWide, MIR. If you pay by bank card, the processing of payment occurs on the authorization page of the bank.

After payment to the e-mail specified in the registration form, you will receive confirmation of registration on the route, as well as the registration number and further instructions.
23. Account

Zayviy Maxim Vladimirovich - organizer

IP Zayviy M.V.
INN 510205288502
OGRN 321519000019567

184042, Murmansk city., Kandalaksha, Gorykogo street,7/58